About Technology Affairs Management (TAM)

The role of research and technology in the development of all societies progress in today's world is no secret with regard to the role of universities and industry in the development of the necessity of their relationship after the glorious victory of Islamic Revolution in advance was felt that the decisions of the government, establishment of relations offices at universities, industry was required.

In this regard, the University of Tabriz in 1361 with the establishment of the Office of Industrial Relations practical steps in the realization of the project objectives to accomplish and early '70s with the integration of Office is the Office of relations and cooperation between educational and research "Office of Communications Industry" was formed . From 1386 to transfer tasks to the agency's Office of Intellectual Property Administration "relationship with industry and intellectual property" will continue.

In 1391, Tabriz University, the largest university in North West according to the policies of the country and by ministry combining the duties of the Office of Communications Industry, Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship, with the cooperation of technology, central laboratory and contract and commercialization of technology, new structure as "iT management" created, the process of moving towards a leading university of technology accelerate.

Management activities in order to contribute to the reform and revision of related technology development in the country and supporting basic research, application and development of new technologies are.

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